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Untitled | via Tumblr sur We Heart It.


    Untitled | via Tumblr sur We Heart It.

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bloody face sup


    bloody face sup

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More Facts on Psychofacts :)
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  7. I need nicotine…

  8. This is why I don’t want to be here, because I can never move on. Every time I look at these pig’s disgusting face…all the memories of verbal abuse and history comes alive. They remind me of why I hate this small town. They remind of why I almost wanted to die last year, but they also remind to be successful and never stoop to their low level again. That I shouldn’t care about how they live and remember who they were and how they treated me. Move on and move out away from their poison. They’re toxic people. I don’t understand why any of them and I never will. Nor do I want, too. I already tried and I almost died in the process. 

  9. My friends are against me again…comparing them both isn’t right…

    Their both individuals…and now these little seeds have started growing…and my behavior has not been its best at all…

    I don’t even know anymore….

    I don’t want to be alone…

    I want someone who will understand me…but be able to read me very well…that they won’t manipulate…I don’t like telling my problems to a person… I like a person to ask or I’m just go on my own spree…Ughhhh….I just don’t know how to explain myself right now or justify what I have done lately….and what I really want to do… I’m going out comfort zone, but hey that’s you make stories with your memories right? 

    I don’t care how it shapes my future, but I still need to understand my past and I don’t want to reflect into it for too long, or you get stuck there… again

    Am I just setup for this?

    I don’t want, too…

    That person from long ago knew how to read my mind, this person coming back to me now is confessing, but I just wonder what could have it been? 

    Would we…Would I be with….I don’t know 

    so involved with these life issues, and I can’t even sleep at night anymore…or is it just summer? 

    I used to be so needy and clingy when it came to guy, but now I don’t care…

    I thought I knew what love was and I’m so unsure of anything anymore….

    I don’t know what I want still…

    I don’t know what is going on with my SO 

    All the lies get mixed into the truth….

    Maybe that’s why the cake is a lie

    because I cooked up this cake of disaster

    All I need is a master…

    Tell me what to do…

    I’m indecisive 

    I lose control

    I’m irrational most of the times…

    I need to think… 

    I need room to breath and I haven’t done

    I’m slacking off on my very big art project for an artbuyer…

    glad he hasn’t texted me about it….

  10. You need to realize that the way you are feeling now will not be permanent.
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I follow everyone back!


    I follow everyone back!

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More quotes about life here


    More quotes about life here

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