Amenably Awesome

Existing in NC.
Tennis Player, Gamer, Skater, and Artist.
I run from my fears,yet I swim out of my drowning tears, here.
Physiological Needs:Goof off, Sleep in, Turn on, Eat out, Fall Down, Get Up, and Stay strong.
The story I own is a journey&I walk alone on my path ;lonely as it may be, I don't mind a little company. <3


can you believe there are people in this world who have never seen DoomStar Requiem: A Klok Opera and never will? can you even believe that


Beautifully bizarre ceramic sculpture, ‘Deerly Beloved’ by Megan E. Craddock aka Highfire Fauna Ceramics

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  • Me, age 13: Um, no, I'm not a 'furry' call it 'anthro' -please-. I don't associate with smelly nerds and perverts. Can't you tell from the "ANTI-FURRY PORN" button on my deviantart journal? Also, I type like this.

even if i fucking hate you i won’t send you anon hate because my parents didn’t raise me in the jungle

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If Master Chief expressed fear rather than always being a tough guy, he could be used as a tool to teach boys that they can accept themselves as emotionally nuanced people, Wiseman argued. If boys’ only acceptable emotional outlet is anger, which is “strong,” that anger leads to hate, which helps feed into the homophobia and sexism which is endemic in the video game audience. Emotional openness is the antidote to that, she said.

How to break games out of the “act like a man” box | Ars Technica (via rollforproblematic)

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"I need to get cleaned up."

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A flexible rapier made during the 19th century in Toledo, Spain.

I’d wear it as a crown and slit the throat of any man who tried to touch me.

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